Study abroad in Madrid



If you currently attend an institution other than Marquette, you will be classified as a "visiting" student at Marquette University. Complutense faculty use a 10-point scale in their grading system. Each stop on the number scale corresponds to a letter grade from A+ to F. The quality points and letter scale transfer to the Marquette grading system as follows:

Universidad Complutense Marquette University
10.0 = A+ A
9.5 = A A
9.0 = A- AB
8.5 = B+ B
8.0 = B B
7.5 = B- BC
7.0 = C+ C
6.5 = C C
6.0 = C- CD
5.5 = D+ D
5.0 = D D
4.5 and below = F F


The Credit/No Credit and Audit options are not available to Marquette Study Center students.

A grade of W appears on your transcript if you withdraw from a course after the official deadline for making course changes.

All courses taken at the Marquette Study Center, whether Reunidas or Complutense courses, are considered Marquette University courses and, therefore, count toward Marquette students' grade point averages. Non-Marquette students need to check with their home institutions to determine grade transferability. Without exception, you must take your final exams on the specified date at the Madrid campus. (Don't schedule your departure from Madrid prior to the conclusion of the scheduled exam week. See the Academic Calendar for exam schedules.)



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