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Accreditation at Marquette University

Progress Report for May 2, 2012

The Reaffirmation Initiative         

  • Marquette University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, an agent of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Marquette University voluntarily goes through the peer reaffirmation process that includes preparation of a self-study followed by a campus visit every 10 years. The next campus visit and review will take place in AY2013-14.
  • The present reaffirmation initiative has been conceptualized as a means to tell Marquette’s story and in doing so to document, using evidence, the ways in which we meet and exceed stated criteria. This is also a moment to reflect on what we do and how we do it in order to identify areas where we can grow, excel and lead. As such, the theme for the present initiative is Reflect - Affirm - Inspire.

Second Quarter 2012 Goals

Three goals were established for the second quarter of 2012. Each is listed along with a progress report.

Complete 2012 communication plan

Significant progress has been made on the 2012 (and beyond) reaffirmation communication plan. The plan focuses attention on 10 areas where communication, across a variety of methods and channels will be important. These areas include, but are not limited to, posting additional video clips online of Fr. Pilarz talking about the reaffirmation initiative, a fall term print-based campus update on the initiative, enabling the Marquette campus community to provide feedback on the self-study both in written and oral form, and creating materials for an end-of-year presentation to the Board of Trustees.

Review self-study criterion outlines

Each of the six subcommittees with writing responsibilities submitted draft outlines to reaffirmation co-chairs Meyer and Peters. Draft outlines were shared across subcommittees and dispersed for review to members of the reaffirmation steering committee. Drs. Meyer and Peters met with each set of subcommittee co-chairs to (1) review progress to date (2) provide feedback on the outline submitted and (3) reiterate expectations for subcommittee work to be accomplished between April and August (2012). While some variance naturally existed across outlines, it was clear that good progress was being made by all subcommittees and that co-chairs were confident in their ability and that of subcommittee members to complete their work in a timely and effective manner.

Finalize timeline for self-study and site visit

A timeline detailing activities related to the reaffirmation self-study was completed along with the identification of one or more persons or groups responsible for overseeing the execution of each. Additional clarity was included regarding the timeframe for work by the self-study editor, the timing for soliciting feedback on the self-study, and the conduct of a mock visit. Additional details related to the site visit will be added in the next quarter when the visit date is finalized.

Third Quarter 2012 Goals

  • Finalize site visit timeline
  • Review subcommittee self-study criterion outlines
  • Collect subcommittee self-study criterion “chapter” drafts