Engagement and outreach staff

The Engagement and Outreach team works with alumni clubs around the globe, planning great events and programs for alumni, families and friends. They also manage Marquette's CIRCLES business networking program.

Affinity-based Giving staff
All staff in alpha order

Stacy Mitz

Stacy Mitz
Assistant Vice President, Engagement
(414) 288-7439

Stacy manages and oversees the programmatic and development responsibilities of the Engagement and Outreach and Affinity-based Giving teams. Through these efforts, Stacy directs the outreach efforts to Marquette alumni, parents and friends, including the Marquette University CIRCLES business networking program.

Rev. Frederick Zagone, S.J.

Rev. Frederick Zagone, S.J.
Advancement/MUAA Chaplain

Father Fred Zagone serves as the chaplain for the Alumni Association; the Alumni National Board of Directors; the 40+ alumni clubs and chapters; the Association of Marquette University Women (AMUW) and the Parents’ Association. Father Zagone travels extensively to meet with alumni at chapter and CIRCLES events, basketball games and the Alumni Travel Program. He works closely with the team implementing Reunions, Alumni National Awards Weekend and Family Weekend.

Lisa Bartoszewicz Lisa Bartoszewicz
(414) 288-4511
Engagement Officer

Lisa is the liaison for the Association of Marquette University Women, Marquette University Business Administration Alumni Association, and the College of Nursing engagement committee. She also coordinates alumni engagement efforts in Minnesota.
Terrie Bruckbauer

Terrie Bruckbauer
Office Associate, Engagement and Outreach
(414) 288-3353

Terrie assists the Alumni Outreach team and contributes to the planning and promotion of alumni outreach events.

Emily Carroll

Emily Carroll, Comm '04
Engagement Director
(414) 288-8484

Emily is the engagement and outreach liaison for the Marquette University Women's Council. Emily also oversees the Marquette University CIRCLES business networking programs on the east coast and around the country as needed.

Dan DeWeerdt

Dan DeWeerdt
Engagement Director
(414) 288-4740

Dan is responsible for developing professional and social programs for the Marquette University Alumni Association’s Chicago Club. He also leads career development initiatives including a nationally recognized mentoring initiative, job shadow program and providing career resources to Marquette alumni.  

Alysia Dvorachek Alysia Dvorachek, Comm '07, Grad '13

Senior Engagement Officer
(414) 288-7697

Alysia staffs regional alumni clubs around the county, helping to promote Marquette gatherings and fundraisers. For a full list of regional clubs, please visit the Regional U.S. Clubs page. Alysia also oversees budgets for the Engagement and External Relations team.


Lindsay Gonzalez
Engagement Officer
(414) 288-4768

Lindsay is the engagement and outreach liaison for the Marquette University Business Administration Alumni Association, the Association of Marquette University Women and the Marquette Women's Council.

klopatek Alyssa Klopatek

Engagement Director, Communication
(414) 288-6584

Alyssa focuses on Web-based alumni communication, the MUAA's involvement with social networking and other Web 2.0 participation. She also maintains MU Connect and other related Web sites.


Linda Manka
Advancement Associate
(414) 288-5390

Linda assists in the development and distribution of communication materials to alumni and external constituents. She supports work in e-communications, social media outlets and development of MU Connect, as well as national alumni awards and reunions. She also manages the print process for various engagement print pieces.

Martha Moore

Martha Moore
Senior Engagement Officer
(414) 288-0398

Martha coordinates alumni engagement efforts in Arkansas, Guam, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio and Puerto Rico. Martha also staffs the College of Health Sciences, Engineering and Communication alumni boards and manages the alumni travel program. As the liaison with the Office of International Education, she coordinates outreach efforts for international alumni. Alumni events for women’s basketball games are also handled by Martha.

Kim Perez

Kim Perez
Engagement Director
(414) 288-0347

Kim coordinates athletic related engagement events. She also serves as the liaison between Alumni Engagement and Outreach and the Athletics Department. Kim also helps to coordinate CIRCLES events both locally and nationwide.


Kelli Rael, Arts '07, Grad '13
Engagement Director
(414) 288-6586

Kelli oversees regional leadership forums and faculty programming in the east, southeast, west, southwest, and Waukesha County. She also acts as the liaison between Alumni Engagement and Outreach for the Ethnic Alumni Association (EAA) and the Les Aspin Center for Government in Washington, D.C.

Marlee Rawski Marlee Rawski

Engagement Director
(414) 288-4767

Marlee oversees the Marquette University CIRCLES business networking program in Milwaukee, northeastern Wisconsin, on the west coast and around the country as needed. She also manages engagement efforts through Milwaukee leadership forums covering relevant and timely issues as well as CEO roundtable gatherings.


Adrienne Roche
Senior Engagement Officer
(414) 288-1534

Adrienne oversees the planning of Alumni Reunion Weekend (5- to 45-year) including our Golden Jubilee Reunion Celebration (50-year). She is also a member of the Marquette University CIRCLES business networking team leading the logistical efforts in Chicago and around the country as needed. Additionally, she leads logistical efforts of the Alumni Association National Board which meets three times a year on campus for business.

Jennilee Schlinsky Jennilee Schlinsky

Assistant Engagement Director
(414) 288-7661

Jennilee manages the alumni outreach efforts for the Young Alumni Association and helps to increase young alumni giving to Marquette’s annual fund, Marquette Today. Additionally, she manages the outreach and engagement efforts with current students to assist in building a culture of philanthropy at Marquette.

Schult Taylor Schult

Assistant Engagement Director
(414) 288-0389

Taylor oversees volunteer and fundraising programs around class-based and affinity-based reunions each year. Additionally, she facilitates athletic related programming, including Blue & Gold Fund programs and regional events around men’s basketball games.


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