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Ham Lake, Minn.

Whether you’re in a microbiology lab or on a speedskating track, Bradley Goskowicz will run circles around you. That is, of course, unless you’re one of Brad’s three kids. All speedskaters like their father, they have among them national titles, World Team appearances and three different Olympic appearances.

Off the ice, Bradley’s Minnesota-based Microbiologics is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of lyophilized microorganisms for use in the quality control of microbiology laboratories worldwide. The company’s mission: Provide the highest-quality biomaterials for a safer, healthier world.

“There are many rewarding aspects to the work I do,” says Bradley, president of Microbiologics. “But I get the biggest thrill out of developing people. Seeing someone hit new levels of achievement — I always feel I’m making a lasting difference beyond my own efforts.”

Before Microbiologics, Bradley was vice president of sales, marketing and clinical development for Myocor and medical sector vice president for Plexus. He also was a sales and marketing executive for Medtronic, Abiomed, Thoratec and Avecor Cardiovascular.

Bradley, a former president of the Wisconsin Skating Association, has been on the United States Speedskating board of directors since 1991. He became board president in 2006 and was unanimously re-elected to another four-year term in ’10. Instrumental in modernizing the USS bylaws, he continues to build his speedskating legacy — off the ice this time — helping to relocate the USS national headquarters, restructure development and provide financial stability leadership for the organization.

Fun fact: Bradley competed in more than 150 competitions, has national and North American victories, and was inducted into the United States Speedskating Hall of Fame in 2009. But he credits his wife, Peggy, for much of their children’s success. “Peg is the true Olympic mom,” he says. “She was honored at the Salt Lake City Games by Allstate Insurance for her role in supporting the family and the children in their Olympic achievements."