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Ginger L. GordenGINGER L. GORDEN, BUS AD '92

Ginger is passionate about financial planning and strategy designed to accomplish a goal or set of circumstances for individuals and businesses. As founder and president of ggCFO, she is dedicated to the practice of prudent preparation and commitment to plan for financial success.

Ginger founded ggCFO based on her desire to advise and educate the non-financial professional with clear, concise and straightforward guidance. The company specializes in working with individuals, startups and growing enterprises on customized plans that allow them to focus on core activities while improving the quality and accuracy of their financial situations.

“Failure to plan is a plan to fail,” says Ginger, a certified public accountant and certified financial planner. “Integrity, honesty and exemplary service are critical to the success of my business.”

Ginger’s clients include former Marquette basketball standout and Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade.

“Involvement in building his international brand is exciting and rewarding. When I first starting working with him, it was our Marquette connection that broke the ice,” she says.

Previously, Ginger was CFO of CSMG Inc., a professional sports representation agency for which she executed the sale of the company after her role as senior vice president of financial services. As an experienced chief financial officer with deep experience across a variety of global businesses, she has advised business and managed teams in technology, services, foodservice and retail with operations throughout Europe, Latin America and China.