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Dr. John A. SchneiderDR. JOHN A. SCHNEIDER, MED TECH '91
Fox Point, Wis.

Dr. John Schneider believes in putting his patients first, and it’s one reason why he prizes his independence as a private practice orthopedic surgeon.

“I want to continue to work for the patient and not for a corporation or other controlling organization,” he says. “I strongly believe that patient care is best provided by those physicians who do not have financial or other forces that may manipulate their choices in care. Doing the best thing for a patient should be the No. 1 goal, not making sure that you meet production quotas or keep a patient in a certain hospital system.”

After graduating with his medical technology degree from Marquette, John went to the Medical College of Wisconsin. Today he’s a surgeon at the Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center in Greenfield, Wis., where he specializes in treating hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries.

He and his colleagues also helped found the award-winning Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital in Franklin, Wis. “I have been involved since the idea’s inception, and it has been an extremely interesting learning experience,” John says. “The hospital has been open for more than four years now, and it has been recognized as one of the best hospitals for patient care. It provides the highest-quality equipment and personnel out of any hospital that I have ever set foot in.”

John also volunteers with the Fox Point Foundation, which plans various activities around his community, as well as with the College of Health Sciences.
“Marquette was and continues to be a key instrument to my success,” John says. “The people that I have met, the friends that I have developed and particularly the instructors that I had in the Medical Technology Program helped build upon the foundation of values that my family had instilled in me. I gained a strong educational foundation that propelled me into medical school and continues to benefit me today.”

Hometown: Sussex, Wis.
Favorite quote: “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” — Vince Lombardi
Dream dinner guest: “The obvious answer is Jesus. But him aside, it would be one of the great scientific minds: Albert Einstein, Leonardo daVinci, Isaac Newton or Galileo Galilei.”
Faculty member who had an impact: “Alice Semrad. Alice was always available to discuss whatever was on your mind. She was encouraging and extremely insightful in helping find a career path. She had a very strong passion for quality, excellence and a great pride in the Medical Technology program and its students. Also, Linda Milson and Linda Laatsch — the Lindas were equally as passionate for quality and excellence. They were encouraging in their own way and strongly encouraged perfection.”
Favorite Marquette memories: “My involvement with the Sigma Chi Fraternity. I was fortunate to be involved at a time when the house was filled with a large number of very intelligent, motivated and high-minded individuals from varying backgrounds. I learned a lot and grew exponentially from the experience and developed many lifelong friends along the way.”
Career goal he aspired to in grade school: “I, like many young boys, wanted to be a fireman. The excitement, the adrenaline and the ability to help people fostered this desire. As I got a bit older, I thought a physician would be good compromise.”
Marquette legacy: “My Marquette legacy currently consists of my two younger brothers, Jeff and Greg. But who knows? I have three children who are becoming quite fond of Marquette.”
Most influential person: “My father. He was the one that founded my core values, particularly those of working hard, doing a quality job, quiet charity and being fiscally responsible. He had a large part in the development of my mechanical skills and provided for a solid, well-rounded foundation for me to build upon.”