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Paul DacierPAUL T. DACIER, ARTS '80, LAW '83
Sherborn, Mass.

Paul’s father was a dentist, but that wasn’t what caught Paul's imagination as a boy. Instead, he was inspired by his father’s ability to build a successful business and become a respected member of the community.

At Marquette, Paul would come to understand the kind of effort it takes to achieve that kind of success in his own life.

“In college, I realized what was before me and that I had to work hard to try and succeed,” he says. “I’ve carried these lessons through my life. I don’t shy away from the competition. In fact, I zealously meet it head on.”

Paul is executive vice president and general counsel of the EMC Corp., a Fortune 200 multinational technology company — a role that allows him to “be where the action is” and have an impact on the company and its 68,000-plus employees.

Paul served as president of the Boston Bar Association for the 2013–14 term, playing a key role in helping the state’s judiciary receive adequate funding for day-to-day operations. He also was a member of the Massachusetts Judicial Nominating Commission from 2003–06. He has volunteered with the Boy Scouts for more than 40 years and occasionally returns to the Law School to speak to students.

“In all environments — family, work, community —I learn something new every day and try to get better for the next day,” he says. “Since I was a young boy, I felt that I wanted to be a leader and have exerted that leadership. I know no other way. I believe in selfless service, not only to EMC and the 120 lawyers and hundreds of business people that work for me, but also to the community.”