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Helen Way Klingler

College of Arts and Sciences


Robert van Schoonenberg

Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award

Robert G. van Schoonenberg, Arts '68

Some folks just don’t know when to quit. After retiring, Robert has jumped back into the corporate world in three — count ’em — three new high-profile roles.

Joan Bathon


Joan M. Bathon, M.D., Arts '74

Rheumatoid arthritis hits hard. Joan has dedicated her career to hitting back, helping develop new treatments to combat its crippling, painful effects.

Henry Goldberg


Henry M. Goldberg, M.D., Arts '58, Med '62

From practicing physician to entrepreneur and executive, Hank is living proof that the road to success sometimes involves a few twists and turns.

Todd Cozzens

entrepreneur of the year Award

Todd C. Cozzens, Arts '77

Can IT help save lives? Ask Todd. His company, Picis, provides a data lifeline for hospitals' most critical areas: emergency rooms and intensive care units.

Arthur and Karen Helgerson

A Person for Others Award

Arthur C. Helgerson, D.D.S., Dent '69, and

Karen Schouten Helgerson, Arts '66, Grad '68

He spent his career as an oral surgeon. She spent hers as a psychologist. Now the Helgersons, Arthur and Karen, spend their time together — volunteering.

John Hardt

Young Alumnus Award

John J. Hardt, Ph.D., Arts '94

As assistant professor of bioethics at Loyola University Chicago’s medical center, John has found love, forgiveness and grace amid life’s darkest moments.


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