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John Lynch

By-line Award

John Barron, Jour ’80

John Barron calls his job a "thrilling combo of huge impact and high-wire act." He is editor-in-chief of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Anne Garcia McCullough

Communicator of the Year

James F. Murphy, Jour ’86

At Marquette, Jim Murphy was a cartoonist for the Marquette Tribune and creator of the comic strip “Murphy’s Law.” 

Pascual Rodriguez

Young Alumna Award

Erin Slattery Black, Comm ’95

What do Placido Domingo, Antonio Banderas and Big Bird have in common? They've all had their costumes designed by Erin Slattery Black.

Michael Neufeldt

James T. Tiedge Memorial Award
Michael R. Neufeldt, Comm ’00

Michael Neufeldt says, "With a good attitude and a positive outlook, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to."


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