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Nicholas L. D’Agosto, Comm ’02

Nicholas D'AgostoMost people would agree that acting is a career choice chock-full of long waits for roles, disappointment — and ultimate abandonment by those who give it a try.

Not so for Nicholas D’Agosto. The 2002 cum laude graduate has been able to parlay his relatively short career into a wide variety of TV and film productions, appearing on ER, House, Six Feet Under and The Office. Two upcoming comedy films starring D’Agosto — Fired Up and Mardi Gras — will premiere this year.

In addition to his degree in Theatre Arts, Nicholas majored in history.

“I loved the welcoming atmosphere at Marquette, as well as its urban campus, the size of the city, the exposure to culture,” he says. “Marquette and Milwaukee had it all.”

In a business that is constantly in flux and rife with complex people and situations, Nicholas says Marquette gave him the tools to remain grounded.

“At Marquette, I enjoyed the spiritual connection between people. And the Jesuits are outstanding … very human, very real,” says Nicholas, whose love for the theatre dates back to his early childhood.

Today, as Nicholas continues raising the bar and exceeding it, he sees his profession as a spiritual vocation.

“Acting for me is an expression of a childlike purity of emotion and joyful connection with the moment, the summation of which brings me great personal satisfaction,” he says.

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