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Martin J. Greenberg, Law '71

Martin Greenberg

“Without Chuck Mentkowski, I would never have been a lawyer.”

That’s how Marty Greenberg remembers the namesake of the award he is to receive. Mentkowski was assistant dean when Greenberg was at the Marquette Law School: “He gave me a chance. Marquette has had a tremendous influence on my life and is largely responsible for my success.”

And there have been numerous successes in the life of Marty Greenberg. The managing member of Greenberg & Hoeschen, LLC, is currently an adjunct professor of law, having taught at the Law School for 35 years. With decades of experience in representing athletes and coaches, Marty has passed on invaluable wisdom to aspiring students of sports law. He founded the National Sports Law Institute at the Law School in 1989 – one of the truly unique gems on Marquette’s campus.

In spite of all Marty has done for Marquette – he has also established numerous awards and scholarships for students, including the Martin J. Greenberg Scholarship and the ScheerGame Scholarship – he says he’s the one who came out ahead in the exchange.

“Because of Marquette’s ethical underpinnings, Marquette has been largely responsible in teaching me what is right and wrong, and in doing the right thing,” says the author of three books on sports law. “I have used this as a guidepost in my decisions, not only in life but in representing people in my law practice.”

Among his many responsibilities, in 2003, Marty was named by the governor of Wisconsin to restore the bottom line of the financially challenged State Fair Park. It has been announced that State Fair Park now enjoys a much brighter financial picture, projecting profitability for fiscal year 2006-07. In addition, Marty is working to create a Wisconsin Sports Museum in downtown Milwaukee and to bring Major League soccer to Wisconsin.

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