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Ralph J. Huiras, Arts ’39, Law ’41

Ralph Huiras

Ralph Huiras was born the day his father graduated from Marquette Law School. And Ralph, proudly following in his father’s footsteps, would have enjoyed attending his own graduation, but simply couldn’t be there.

That’s because he was already working as a counterintelligence agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In fact, he worked for the FBI for seven years before returning to Port Washington, Wis., to open Gerold & Huiras, now known as Huiras, Farrell & Antoine, where you can still find him.

It’s rewarding work, says Ralph. “The variety of problems that arise on a day-to-day basis, the effort that is involved in solving those problems, and the overall good results that you can accomplish — that is why I went into law and what I like best about it,” he says.

For awhile in the 1980s, Ralph also stepped into banking, leading Thiensville State Bank, which became a holding company and acquired more banks, built others, merged and merged again.

When he’s not at the office in Port Washington (or in Florida), you can find Ralph in Cedarburg (Wis.) on the farm he and his wife bought nearly 50 years ago. Like law, participating in Cedarburg community affairs is important to Ralph. He was elected chair of the town board and was a member of the Ozaukee County Board of Supervisors and its chairman. The Greater Cedarburg Community Foundation recognized Ralph with the Annual Civic Award in 2005.

Ralph remains involved with Marquette Law School. As a member of the Executive Committee of the Law School’s Advisory Board, Ralph believes the Law School provides the best teaching and atmosphere for students’ growth.

The most meaningful moment in Ralph’s career? “When Father Wild and Joseph Kearney invited my wife and me to lunch and announced I had been selected to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award,” he says.


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