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the hon. gwendolynne s. moore, ARTS '78

Gwen Moore

U.S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore always knew her future included college—despite the fact that her family did not have a lot of money and she didn’t know how she would be able to afford it.

Marquette’s Educational Opportunity Program, however, enabled her to pursue a degree in political science from the university. Gwen’s love of learning and helping others took her on a journey into the political arena after working for the city, county, state and nonprofit agencies.

Her mother had always wished she would run for office, but Gwen was terrified to do it. About 18 months after her mother passed away, Gwen was recruited to run for a seat on the Wisconsin Assembly. She went on to serve two terms there (1989-92) and four terms in the Wisconsin Senate (1992-2004).

In 2005, Gwen was sworn in as a U.S. congresswoman, representing constituents in the Fourth Congressional District. Shortly after, she was named to the House Committees on Small Business and Financial Services, the latter of which has jurisdiction over the banking, insurance and housing industries. Through her involvement, Gwen has supported efforts to help small businesses grow and pushed for the creation of more affordable housing.

“I take this stewardship so seriously because the people could elect anybody and they elected me,” Gwen said. “Getting a college education certainly made the biggest discernible difference in my life and my life prospects. Although God imbued me with the basic intelligence to succeed, I don’t know if my background would have enabled me to graduate had there not been an intervention on the part of the university in disrupting the sociological train wreck of a poor person.”


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