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Donald E. Reinbold, Eng ’64

Donald ReinboldNormally, completing a project $15 million under budget and three months ahead of schedule would be considered impressive. When the project is the 10-year, $810 million reconstruction of Milwaukee’s Marquette Interchange, “awe-inspiring,” or even “all but impossible,” would seem closer to the truth.

But that’s exactly what Donald Reinbold, director of the Marquette Interchange team for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, managed to do.

Twenty-eight on and off ramps. Three major highways. No major disruptions in traffic flow during construction. An end result that’s more logical, more navigable — more livable. Chalk one up for engineering. And a Marquette education.

“The Jesuit education I gained at Marquette University taught me that hard work, honesty and respect make up the formula for a successful life,” Don says. “It allowed me to take on greater responsibility, leading to the task of directing the replacement of the entire downtown freeway system in Milwaukee.”

The leadership values Don cemented at Marquette have influenced other areas of his life, too: as an instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College and the DOT; a Scoutmaster for 17 years; and a coordinator of a program that assists minority engineering students at Marquette and the universities of Wisconsin-Madison, -Milwaukee and -Platteville.

He served with a Jesuit mission in Belize, traveling to remote villages to build churches that also can be used as village centers and hurricane shelters. Marquette students joined Don his first year, leading to the establishment of Marquette’s own program in the country.

All in all, says Reinbold, “It’s been a great ride.” And a well-engineered one, as well.


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