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Heidi Haese Schlei, Dent Hy ’77

Heidi Haese Schlei

A dental hygienist in clinical practice for almost 31 years, and more recently a dental hygiene instructor, Heidi Haese Schlei appreciates more than just beautiful smiles as a result of her work.

That’s because of her love for life-long learning combined with her simple philosophy: “By staying true to myself and my value system, I hope to have a positive influence on those with whom I work.”

As a clinician, that means the personal enjoyment of working one-on-one with patients, getting to know them and finding ways to help them take a more active role in the quality of their lives through good dental health. “It’s all about treating them with respect and empathy,” says Heidi.

As an instructor, Heidi has also had the satisfaction of helping students develop their full potential. Identifying and building upon their strengths while sharing skills and attributes from people who positively impacted her life and career, Heidi finds it very rewarding to see students come full circle. “They start with few technical skills and lack of confidence and become proficient in their abilities to treat patients,” she says.

As the Distinguished Alumna in Dental Hygiene, Heidi has a winning philosophy that epitomizes the Marquette challenge to Be The Difference. Truly, it’s a philosophy worth smiling about.

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