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Elizabeth Lighthart Sorenson

Rushing to the aid of a gunshot victim in need of blood…providing transfusions to children with cancer…working on behalf of a diagnostic company that develops products to improve blood bank productivity and increase safety.

These are snapshots from the career of Elizabeth Lighthart Sorenson, who says, “These types of situations make me feel like I have a direct impact on patient care.”

Since graduating from Marquette, that’s precisely what motivated Liz to become a specialist in blood banking at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md., in 1990. Recently, she became the worldwide product manager for ID-MTS GEL and PROVUE in New Jersey.

Liz comes naturally by her commitment to help patients, and she points out how Marquette provided the skills necessary for her to pursue her life’s work. “Marquette gave me a well-rounded, quality education. Upon graduation, I did not realize how well prepared I was until I began working,” she says.

“The quality of Marquette’s medical technology program became even more evident when I began training new hires in the lab. This gave me the opportunity to see that Marquette’s MT program was among the best.”

And now, her alma mater is proud to salute Liz as among the best in her field.

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