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February 2014

Survey says: Participants provide mid-point program feedback

Thank you to the nearly 80 percent of mentor pilot program participants who shared their experiences in the mid-point survey. Feedback will help support you through the formal program's completion in April. Among key findings:

Mentor/mentee experience to date
- 35% excellent, 37% very good, 26% good

“This program surpassed my expectations and really helped me foster a good relationship with my mentor who gave me valuable advice.”

“It’s a great idea and something I would have loved to participate in as a student.”

Most beneficial topics to date
- Career path, transition and networking. Several respondents also indicated topics specific to their own interests, such as grad school, service projects and auditions.

Biggest challenges thus far  
- 46% none, 24% meeting times, 15% speaking regularly

Marquette staff support/communication/resources
- 52% excellent, 37% very good; 11% good
Average monthly mentor newsletter open rate: 77%.

Learn more survey result findings or contact for a complete summary. Congratulations to survey participant Dan Paulmeyer as the Marquette gift pack recipient.

Mentors, mentees discuss experiences, suggestions at National Mentor Month program

Mentor Panel

Rondell Sheridan, Sp '80, (right) offers feedback to mentee participants Aja Luckett, Comm '15 (center) and Joe Kelly, Comm '14. Sheridan, Dr. Diane Held Munzenmaier, Arts '84, and mentee participants also provided insights.


Marquette Alumni Association National Board members and mentors Rondell Sheridan, Comm '80, and Dr. Diane Held Munzenmaier, Arts '84, were joined by their respective mentees Aja Luckett, Comm '15, and John Seagrist, Arts '15, at a Jan. 16 panel discussion. The panelists provided their own mentoring experiences and the discussion included several other mentees in attendance.

Five Questions With...Teresa Mogensen, Eng '89, Grad '03
(McKenna Redmond, Eng '17, mentee)

Teresa Mogensen1. If you had/have a mentor, what’s one piece of advice that sticks with you every day?
Assume positive intent.

2. What qualities do you look for and appreciate in the people you work with or hire?
Strong initiative, engaging communication style, collaborative approach, strong ethics.

3. Two things you think a Marquette student should do before they graduate.
Get co-op or intern experience and be part of some extracurricular group that you really enjoy – I was in the MU Band.

Read the entire interview.

Five Questions With...Mallory Daily, Arts '14
(Dr. Mary Hunt, Arts '72, and Lisa Konieczka,
Arts '86, mentors)

Daily1.What has been one of your key findings thus far as a mentee?
Realizing how vast the professional world is outside of Marquette/Milwaukee, my mentors have introduced me to several organizations and opportunities I likely would have never discovered, and for which I am incredibly thankful.

2.What are your current plans following graduation?
I’m applying to select domestic post-grad service organizations for next year. I hope to expand my interests in sustainability, women’s studies and writing while building community and solidarity with whomever I meet.

3.What advice would you offer other mentees to maximize the relationship with their own mentor?
Prepare specific questions with your mentor. Although I always have topics I would like to discuss, our conversations are much more valuable when I have a few questions written down in front of me.

Read the entire interview.

Five Questions With...appears in the monthly mentor newsletter and the online mentor toolbox.

Celebrate with other mentors, mentees at April 24
program finale

You are invited to the Mentor Pilot Program Finale on Thursday, April 24, at the Lunda Room in the Alumni Memorial Union.

7:30 a.m. - 8 a.m. Reception
8 a.m. - 9 a.m. Breakfast, program
Look for an e-invitation in early March or contact for more information.

Consider these mentor/mentee conversation topics

For mentees

  • Spring break is March 10-14. Can you shadow your mentor?
  • Has your mentor reviewed your resume?
  • What are two things your mentor thinks you should do before graduation?
  • Encourage them to attend the April 24 mentor program finale at the AMU.

For mentors

  • Spring break is March 10-14. Can your mentee shadow you if they haven't done so?
  • What is your mentee doing now in preparation for summer or post-graduation to support their career objectives?
  • Encourage them to attend the April 24 mentor program finale at the AMU.

Get more conversation topics with your mentee/mentor.

Network to Success event

Mentor program participants have indicated networking has been among the most popular discussion topics. Career Services invites students in all years and majors to broaden their contacts and knowledge by meeting with employers from a variety of industries and learn tips on how to professionally interact in a social setting.

Network to Success
Thursday, February 13
5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m.
AMU Ballrooms

Light refreshments will be served, dress is business casual and registration on MU Career Manager is recommended but not required. The attending employers list is also available on MU Career Manager.

News Corner: New study from young people’s perspective reinforces value of mentorship

There's a stark contrast between young people who are mentored compared to those who are not, according to a new study. The Mentoring Effect concluded young people with mentors set higher educational goals, have higher levels of self-esteem and are more resilient when facing setbacks or challenges.

Visit the MUAA Mentor Pilot Program website for more information or contact Dan DeWeerdt at or (414) 288-4740.

P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881

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