Five Questions With...Nathan Bowen,
Eng '16

(Joe Miotke, Eng '95, Law '99, mentor)

Nathan Bowen1. What has been one of your key findings as a mentee?
Learning about Joe’s career has taught me hard work will lead to success no matter where I go after graduation. He has experienced continued success while moving between various positions amongst different firms.

2. What are your current plans following graduation?
Working for a large corporation as an engineer (likely in operations) for several years before enrolling in a full-time MBA program. My dream is to participate in The Harvard Business School's 2+2 program, which allows undergraduates to gain admittance during their senior year and defer enrollment for two years while they work in industry.

3. What have you learned from Joe about your career aspirations that will help plan your future?
He has stressed the importance of earning an MBA to "unlock the door" to upper-management positions in companies. He has also helped me weigh the pros and cons of an employer-funded MBA vs. paying for graduate school on my own.

4. What advice would you offer other mentees to maximize the relationship with their own mentor?
Joe and I have focused on building rapport and strengthening our relationship over the last six months. The mentorship has come naturally.

5. In the remaining months of the program, what would you like to accomplish through the program?
Joe has gracefully invited me to attend meetings with localcommercial and political organizations. I hope to attendthese events with him to learn more about the groups and continue to build a professional network.

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