Mentee Wyatt Massey, Arts '16, shares experience with mentor Dr. Michele Bria, Arts '90

Wyatt Massey

"I went on a tour of Journey House with Dr. Bria to learn more about the organization and its mission. It was awesome to see the many working parts and understand more about all Dr. Bria is responsible for. While it was a tour, it had a very behind-the-scenes feel that allowed me to understand the complexity of non-profit work."

December Mentor Program enewsletter

Marquette University Alumni Association Mentor Program

2014-15 program mentor materials:

Five Questions With...
Mentor Rob Hart, Comm '02

(Henry Greening, Comm '16, mentee)

Rob Hart, Comm '01

1. Why are you serving in the MUAA Mentor Program?
It's an opportunity to pass along whatever advice I may have to Marquette students. Eighty percent of success in life stems from having someone point you in the right direction.

2. What qualities do you look for and appreciate in the people you work with or hire?
Enthusiasm. Employers (and employees) want to spend their days with positive people. We enjoy what we do. So should you.

3. What suggestions do you have for mentees?
Know that you still have a lot of life ahead of you. You're not supposed to have your career path mapped out at the age of 20. Listen. Collect experiences. Be open to new ideas.

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