Chicago gathering provides value for participants

Chicago Gathering

Despite frigid temperatures and much of the city closed for the most part, many mentor program participants braved the elements for a reception at Chicago’s Tribune Tower on Jan. 8. Attendees included mentees Nicolas Schmidt, Eng ’17, and Andrew Patek, Eng ’17, who traveled from the Milwaukee area. “Along with meeting my mentor Mike Eichten, the event was a good chance to learn from other participants, too,” said Andrew. Guests also enjoyed a behind-the-scenes WGN Radio tour, compliments of Steve  Bertrand, Jour ’85, mentor, event co-host and station news anchor.

February Mentor Program enewsletter

Marquette University Alumni Association Mentor Program

2014-15 program mentor materials:

Five Questions With...Lisa Ross, Jour '84
(Lauren Holman, Comm '16, mentee)

Lisa Ross1. Why are you serving in the MUAA Mentor Program?
I'm paying it back and paying it forward. I had great mentors at Marquette, way before the word "mentor" was in vogue. Furthermore, I am a talent scout and the better prepared a Marquette student is, the better it is for my company and my industry.

2. What suggestions do you have for mentees?
Be impressive and listen.

3. If you’ve had a mentor, what’s one piece of advice that sticks with you every day?
Love, if not make the most of the job you are in even if it's not what you wanted or expected. You will never get to the next job unless you do this one well.

Read Lisa's full interview.

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