Potential Mentor and Mentee Questions

To discuss with mentors:

  • What were the first five years following graduation like? Did your mentor move to a different area or change jobs, have a new group of friends, or begin, continue or end a serious relationship? Volunteer? Did those years unfold as they anticipated? What advice can they offer for your post-Marquette journey? 
  • Follow up on advice and suggestions that your mentor provides
  • Do they have any career-related resolutions for 2014? If so, how do they plan to accomplish them?
  • What professional development books do they recommend?
  • What’s been the biggest professional challenge they have faced? How has it been addressed and what was learned? Looking back, would they have done anything differently?
  • Work/life balance is important. What do they enjoy doing during non-work hours? How did they get interested in those activities and what has it taught them?

    To discuss with mentees:

  • What classes are they taking next semester? Beyond requirements, are there any electives you might suggest that will help prepare them beyond graduation (such as a professional development class)?
  • Regardless of whether they’re Marquette alumni, provide names of your friends or colleagues who are in their field of interest. Invite your mentee to schedule an informational interview with them. Be sure to reach out to those individuals first to ensure they’re open to a dialogue with your mentee. It will help develop your mentee’s communication skills, confidence as well as expand their network.
  • To that end, students also appreciate connecting with a young alum (10 years or less since graduation) in their field to get their perspective. If possible, arrange an opportunity like this, too.
  • Ask a friend or colleague to do an informational interview via video. (NOTE: A 2011 survey indicated 42% of companies used video as part of the hiring process.)
  • Does your mentee have any goals during break to explore internship or job opportunities in the coming months? Can you be of service?
  • If your mentee lives near you or is planning to be in your area during the coming or spring break, ask about connecting in person. Face-to-face communication builds relationships.
  • If possible, can your mentee do a job shadow for a day during break or in the coming months?
  • You’re nearly three months into the mentor pilot. Discuss the goals you agreed upon. Are you on track or are any adjustments necessary?
  • What are you doing really well that is helping you attain your career goals? What are you not doing well that is preventing you from getting there? As a mentor, how can you help your mentee? Where do they need the most help?

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