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Marquette University Alumni Reunion Weekend

10-year reunion: Class of 2004

Friday Night Party: Class of 2004

8 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
Ugly's Pub, 1125 North Old World 3rd Street

Make a gift in honor of your 10-year reunion

Let’s do something special in honor of our reunion and present Marquette with a gift that truly embodies our pride and love of this university by helping current and future students. Visit the reunion giving page for more information and to make your gift!


Annual Fund goal: $37,500

Annual Fund to date: $27,763

Participation goal: 175 donors

Participation to date: 123 donors

Updated 4/22/14

Alumni volunteers

Quenjana Adams, Comm
Tina (Carcione) Anthony, Comm
Mark Breen, Bus Ad
Kasia (Serio) Giblin, Arts
Otto Heck, Arts
Michael Olis, Arts
Lauren Smith, Arts
Julie (Hageman) Wells, Comm
Gina Zuercher-Butterfield, Arts

Reunion Volunteer Information

Members of the Class of '04 reunion committee have created a Facebook group for your class. Join today.

Questions? Please call the Alumni Association at (800) 344-7544.


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