15-year Reunion • Class of 2003

Make a gift in honor of your 15-year reunion

Let’s do something special in honor of our reunion and present Marquette with a gift that truly embodies our pride and love of this university by helping current and future students.

Class of 2003 goal is $105,000 with at least 225 donors participating.

Share your Marquette memories

Share a few of your favorite memories and photos from your time as a Marquette student. We may use your photos and stories in Reunion + Homecoming promotion. Share your photos using our online form, and get connected with classmates now on your class Facebook group.

Reunion + Homecoming volunteering

A reunion celebration is only a success if your classmates come back to celebrate with you. We need a strong group of volunteers who are willing to help create a buzz leading up to Reunion + Homecoming. No matter the amount of time you are able to commit, we have an opportunity for you! Visit the volunteering webpage for more information.


Michael J. Addy, Bus Ad ’03

"My four years at Marquette were some of the best years of my life. I have been an active alum at a local level with the Omaha Club and on a national level with the National Alumni Board of Directors. I look forward to seeing everyone again in October!"

Amanda J. Aliperta, Comm ’03

"I'm grateful for my time at Marquette, which challenged my perceptions and made me question the things I thought to be true in the best possible way -- but most valuable thing I took from Marquette were lifelong friendships."

Sarah A. Burkhart, Bus Ad ’03, Grad ’13

Heather A. D’Anca, Comm ’03

"Staying connected to Marquette University helps me to feel supported in my life and my career. Having received an immeasurable amount from Marquette, it's important for me to give back with any resources I have at my disposal so that others can benefit as I did. I have flexibility with my time, so it only makes sense to volunteer and continue living in the spirit of service that my Jesuit education represents."

Belton Flournoy III, Bus Ad ’03

Heather M. Grace, Comm ’03

"I donate my time and money to Marquette because other alumni did the same for us. It is our turn to support the future generations attending this great university so they can have the same opportunities and experiences we did."

Ebony N. Ssali, Comm ’03

"2003 feels like it was just yesterday, because I find myself surrounded by Marquette family everywhere I go. My 15th year reunion is monumental because my Marquette education has served as a strong foundation to my life. I’m looking forward to celebrating in the midst of others, no matter the distance traveled since graduation, we all call Marquette our home."

Amanda E. Sucharda, Arts ’03, Grad ’07

William M. Trevey Jr., Arts ’03, Grad ’12

Sergio D. Trujillo, Bus ’03