25-year Reunion • Class of 1993

Make a gift in honor of your 25-year reunion

Let’s do something special in honor of our reunion and present Marquette with a gift that truly embodies our pride and love of this university by helping current and future students.

Class of 1993 goal is $200,000 with at least 250 donors participating.

Share your Marquette memories

Share a few of your favorite memories and photos from your time as a Marquette student. We may use your photos and stories in Reunion + Homecoming promotion. Share your photos using our online form, and get connected with classmates now on your class Facebook group.

Reunion + Homecoming volunteering

A reunion celebration is only a success if your classmates come back to celebrate with you. We need a strong group of volunteers who are willing to help create a buzz leading up to Reunion + Homecoming. No matter the amount of time you are able to commit, we have an opportunity for you! Visit the volunteering webpage for more information.


John J. Alberts, Jr., Arts ’93

Kristen M. Blackmore, Arts ’93

Jennifer L. Bolger Breceda, Arts ’93, Law ’00

Colleen M. Buckley, Arts ’93

Jody G. Elliott, Nurs ’93

"I am volunteering for our 25th reunion because I value all of the amazing people that were part of my life during my Marquette years. I am looking forward to celebrating with as many as possible!"

Janet C. Hinz, Comm ’93

Dr. Michael T. Martin, Arts ’93

"I volunteer to re-connect with my Marquette friends. I have attended every reunion so far and every one has been a great experience. It has become an "every 5 years" tradition for me and many of my friends. I volunteer to help make the event successful and to give back some in return for all MU has given me."

Patrick J. McGartland, Arts ’93

Meg Brzyski Nelson, Arts ’93, Grad ’07