Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be the Alumni Memorial Union Advisory Board.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of the Board shall be to recommend and review policies and programs for the Alumni Memorial Union, which will complement the educational goals of Marquette University and provide opportunities for the cultural, social, educational, and recreational pursuits of members of the Marquette community as charged by the VP of Administration.

Article III: Responsibilities

Article IV: Membership

Section 1. Constituency

The Board shall consist of eleven (11) members: six (6) undergraduate students; one (1) faculty; one (1) alumni; one (1) administrator from the area of Student Affairs; one (1) Alumni Memorial Union full-time employee and the Alumni Memorial Union Director.

Section 2. Selection and Appointment

a. The undergraduate student members shall consist of the following: two (2) by MUSG; one (1) Commuter Student; one (1) from an approved intercultural organization; two (2) members at large; and two (2) from RHA. Other members shall be nominated according to the regular organization of office procedures that pertain as follows: the faculty by Committee on Committees of Academic Senate; the alumni by Marquette University Alumni Association; the Student Affairs staff member, by the Vice President of Student Affairs and the AMU staff member on a rotating term basis.

b. The student members shall serve for one year and be eligible, for reappointment, if recommended by MUSG, their respective organization, or the Alumni Memorial Union Advisory Board. The non-student members shall serve for three year terms.

Article V: Meetings

Section 1. Regular Meetings and Cancelled Meetings.

a. Full membership (faculty, alumni, students and administration will plan to meet monthly during the academic year).

Section 2. Agenda

a. The agenda will be generated by the Director of the AMU not less than 24 hours prior to the Board meeting.

b. Agenda items may be submitted by any member of the Marquette Community and may be considered at the next meeting of the Board, at the discretion of the Director. At the request of five or more Board members, an item must be placed on the agenda and considered by the Board.

Section 3. Attendance

Board members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings. Absences are detrimental to the effective consideration of matters before the Board. Two consecutive, unexcused absences shall constitute a resignation, and a replacement shall be requested from the constituent group losing its representation.

Section 4. Procedures

At its first regular meeting each year, the Board shall adopt its own procedures for the orderly and effective accomplishment of its business.

Written: August 1992
Revised: March 2001
Revised: October 2004
Revised: March 200
Revised: October 2012
Revised: May 2013


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