Commuter Programs

Commuter Students are those students who live outside of the University District and must drive or utilize public transportation to attend class. Marquette University and the Office of Student Development provide many services and amenities for Marquette Commuter Students. Please utilize this website as a guide to those resources. If you should have any questions or trouble along the way, you can always drop by the Alumni Memorial Union, office number 213, or give us a call at (414) 288-3265.

The Commuter Student Association (CSA)

The Commuter Student Association’s main purpose is to foster community and involvement among Commuter Students and provide an outlet for concerns and issues involving Commuter Students. CSA strives to provide social opportunities for Commuters, such as catching Brewers games and organizing pizza parties in the Brooks Lounge. Whatever the case may be, the CSA is in place not only to represent every Marquette Commuter, but also make each and every Commuter feel like Marquette is his or her home away from home. If you would like to be part of CSA, feel free to contact Neal Wucherer at (414) 288-3265.