Why study the Humanities?

What is it to be human? How do you cultivate a moral imagination? Why do historical events occur? What is the meaning and purpose of life? The Humanities disciplines seek to understand and interpret the human experience. These disciplines are designed to pursue knowledge and truth, to encourage creative thinking, to develop writing and critical reading skills and to ask questions about our world. Humanities courses give us tools to understand and appreciate our world and global economy and to develop skills that we need and will use for our lifetimes. Humanities courses broaden our outlook through the investigation of past and present cultures, literature, languages, religions and philosophies making us well-rounded individuals prepared for and capable of relating to others.

What can I do with a Humanities major?

The simple answer is anything and everything! The critical thinking and writing skills, analytical and problem-solving abilities and understanding of language will serve you well in nearly any job you pursue. Law and medical schools want students who are informed, socially aware and critical citizens - just what a Humanities major provides.

Career potential is robust and includes diverse fields such as: health care, business and management, law, medical professions, government agencies, publishing, education, journalism and media, advertising, translators/interpreters and information technology.

Majors and Programs

American Military History


English Language Arts




Latin American Studies

Literature (English)


Spanish Language and Literatures

Spanish for the Professions

Theology and Religion

Writing Intensive English