natural sciences

Why study the Natural Sciences?

Do you like to explore, analyze and discover? The Natural Sciences disciplines share a focus on analyzing and understanding the natural world from perspectives including chemical, physical, biological and environmental. These disciplines are all about exploring, analyzing and discovering the known and unknown. An understanding of the foundations of science will enable you to discern current issues, formulate questions and prepare you to understand those not yet anticipated. With a curriculum focused on teaching science as how it is practiced, our courses provide exciting opportunities to discover our surroundings and environment through observation, research and lab-based experimentation to analyze and evaluate data. Faculty-mentored research opportunities also exist to apply your knowledge to research and discoveries to change lives or challenge long-held ideas. Whether you are interested in a career in health sciences, industry, government, education or graduate school, we have stimulating curriculum to engage your passion and to launch your career.

What can I do with a Natural Sciences major?

Our graduates are know for their step-by-step problem-solving skills and their critical thinking skills. The range of options are broad and diverse with opportunities in the academic, private and non-profit sectors. Our global economy requires more integration of scientific fields with practical knowledge/skills in other areas; data analytics and problem solving, communication, project management, strategic planning and other areas that aren't pure science.

Career potential is robust and includes diverse fields such as: medical professions, healthcare, pharmaceutical, environmental policy, business/IT, law biostatistics, government agencies.

Majors and Programs

Applied Physics

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Biological Sciences



Computational Mathematics

Computer Science

Data Science



Physiological Sciences