“Christine is a great instructor of leadership. She has the ability to make you comfortable with things you are uncomfortable with. Leadership can be intimidating for some people, while others need more coaching than they are willing to admit. Christine is able to transcend these differences among a group and make her students excel beyond anything they thought possible. She is a great listener, instructor and coach and goes well beyond the expectations of her students. She made a class full of MBA students fun!”

~ Melissa Conti

“Now that I have graduated with my MBA, I can safely say that the leadership class I took my final semester with Christine Hill was by far the best class I have ever taken. I went into the class with the mindset of many graduating seniors. All I wanted to do was get my work done and graduate; I just wanted to be done. I ended up walking away with so much more than I expected. Christine’s interactive teaching style made the class interesting and relevant to real life situations. For the first time in my life I was truly made aware of emotional intelligence and its vast impact on all aspects of communication. Through Christine’s unique teaching style I was able to learn and practice many forms of emotional intelligence. The wisdom she has brought forth has helped me grow as a leader both professionally and personally, and has helped greatly in my life. Christine has an uncanny ability to teach people about leadership and help them grow as leaders. If there ever was a definition of true leadership, Christine would fit it.”

~ Tony Allen Johnson

“While I only had Christine Hill as an instructor for one semester, I was quickly shown how talented she is. Not only is she educated and well-rounded, but has the a bility to inspire her students to become better leaders. My personal experience in the leadership course that I took with Christine was extremely fulfilling. Through her teachings and ability to portray her personal experiences as a learning tool, I am working on my ability to become a true leader. I have plans to become more involved in my community, participate in Future Milwaukee, and eventually become an instructor. Christine has given me an understanding of leadership and the confidence to push toward these goals.”

~ Tara Knop