Once you have been accepted to the Career Ready Internship Program you'll need to track down an internship that fits within its parameters. There are several approaches you can take. See the detailed guide below to help you find a position. Before applying to any internship, we highly recommend having your resume reviewed by the Career Services Center.

Final approval for funding from the Great Lakes grant is contingent on your ability to secure an approved internship position. Approval of internships is left to the discretion of our Internship Coordinator, Sarah Curry. Please be sure to contact her for approval of any internships you find via Handshake, external search engines, or faculty contacts.

If you use the Arts and Sciences Internship List

  1. Select Internship Postings. This will take you to a list of unpaid internships located in the Milwaukee area that are approved for the Career Ready Internship Program. We will continue to add new internships to this list so please check back frequently.
  2. If you are interested in applying to an internship that is listed on the Internship Postings page, please contact our Internship Coordinator, Sarah Curry, to express your interest. She will provide you with the next steps for applying to your internship(s) of choice, which will include creating a resume and cover letter for the positions you are interested in and submitting those to Sarah. In most cases, employers interested in your application materials will invite you to an interview before making a final decision on whether or not to bring you on as an intern.


If you find your own internship:

Handshake is Marquette's NEW online career platform that can help you in your search for jobs and internships. Students can access Handshake by using their Checkmarq/eMarq username and password.

Suggestions for searching for internships via Handshake:
    1. Click on "Jobs and Internships" on the left side of the page
    2. Once the internship search page comes up, narrow the location to "Milwaukee"
    3. Under "Job Type" make sure you check "internship"
    4. From here, you can look through the large number of internships and search for unpaid internships that sound interesting to you. You can also go back up to the search bar underneath the word "Job Postings" (toward the top) and enter in keywords that will help narrow down the types of internships you are looking for.

Please be aware that there will be internships you find on Handshake that are paid. These do not qualify for the Career Ready Internship Program. Only unpaid internships qualify for the program. Additionally, all internships found through Handshake or through another internship search method need to be approved for funding by a Career Ready Internship Program staff member. So, please inform Sarah Curry or Rosemary Stuart if you wish to pursue an internship opportunity that is not on the Internship Postings page on our website so that we can consider it for approval for Great Lakes funding.


If you use external search websites:

Other job search sites like Indeed or LinkedIn have internship postings as well. You can find links to these various databases on our website. These databases will include both paid and unpaid positions, so pay careful attention to the job description to see if the employer offers compensation. All internships found through outside search engines need to be approved by a Career Ready Internship Program staff member to see if they qualify for funding through the Great Lakes grant and/or academic credit. So, please inform Sarah Curry or Rosemary Stuart if you will be pursuing an internship opportunity that is not on the Career Ready Internship Postings page on our website so that we can approve it.


If you use faculty contacts:

  • Some majors have internship coordinators who are well-connected with area organizations that offer internship opportunities. If you are eligible for the Career Ready Internship Program, and are majoring in one of the following departments, we encourage you to reach out to your internship coordinator to let him or her know about your eligibility for this program. We will coordinate with him or her to find suitable internship positions for you to consider.