GreAT LAKES-FUNDED Career Ready Internship Program


What will the Career Ready Internship Program be like?

A Great Lakes-funded Career Ready Internship lasts for one semester, during which time you will be expected to work part-time for a minimum of 140 hours per semester. As an intern you will be paid $13.00 an hour (for a maximum of 160 hours per semester). Funding for your internship will be provided by the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates and Marquette University.

Interns in the program are required to attend 2 mandatory meetings during the semester (1 at the semester midpoint, 1 at the semester closing).

You will receive compensation for your internship through the Marquette payroll, so you will be required to use Marquette's electronic timekeeping system, EmpCenter, to clock in and out of work. Student interns will be asked to log in and out electronically to this timekeeping system from their internship site (via a computer or their phones). Note: Marquette's student worker policy allows students to work 20 hours per week maximum at ALL on-campus jobs combined. Because you will be paid for your internship through Marquette's payroll, you must abide by this policy and not exceed 20 hours of work at your internship and any other jobs paid through Marquette payroll combined. If necessary, this may require you to stop or reduce your hours worked in another campus job so that you have sufficient time to devote to your internship position each week.

Students are highly encouraged to take their internship for credit, either through their department or through the ARSC 3986 course.


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