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Finding an internship that best suits your particular talents and educational background can be an exciting, intriguing and sometimes perplexing journey. As an Arts and Sciences student, your degree can open doors to a variety of career paths and positions--including some that may not be obvious to you at first glance. Explore these internal and external internship search engines to find a variety of internships that will ignite your passion and give you an opportunity to gain valuable job experiences.

Funding and Finances:

Many internships, particularly those offered by corporations, are paid directly by the employers. However, most non-profit and government or public sector internships are unpaid. This can make it prohibitive for many students, who can not afford to work for free. If this is true to your personal experience, you might consider applying for our Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Program. This program, funded by a grant from the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates allows qualified Arts and Sciences students to earn funding for their internships. To see if you qualify, contact our Arts and Sciences Internship Coordinator, Sarah Curry.

Preparing to Apply

After finding internships that are relative to your career plans, be sure to take advantage of several campus resources to fine tune your application documents and prepare for your interview(s). The Career Services Center provides numerous online handouts that can help you get started on drafting your resumé and cover letters. They also offer one-on-one sessions for reviewing those documents, and provide mock interviews.

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