The Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences celebrates the teacher-scholar model for our faculty. In addition to being deeply engaged in the classroom, our faculty extend this learning and discovery process to their research and scholarly pursuits.

College research programs are diverse and reflect the breath of our departments and the depth of the scholarly interests of our faculty. From exploring German environmentalist Rudolf Steiner and the history of alternative agricultural movements to researching the Arab and Muslim American migration and their cultural experiences to promoting a Latina/o well-being research initiative, our faculty in the humanities and social sciences are immersed in increasing our knowledge and understanding of the socio-environmental, political, cultural and historical issues that have shaped us in the past and that are major influences on our lives.

In the sciences, active research programs are engaged with critical issues such as water quality and the environmental impact of antimicrobial products, the use of computational chemistry in optimizing drug design, and effective ways to enhance mathematics teacher education and training.

These exciting and diverse research programs in the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences provide many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage with faculty in mentored research projects and transformative learning experiences.

Research resources