Dr. Noel S. Adams
Department of Philosophy                                                                               

Dr. Noel Adams has been a member of the philosophy department at Marquette since the fall of 2002.  He loves both conducting research in the philosophy of religion (especially on the Danish philosopher/theologian Søren Kierkegaard) and teaching philosophy to students ranging from freshman undergraduates to PhD students.  He thinks that "Introduction to Inquiry" is a very important class, and he considers it a privilege to be able to help new students from all sorts of places make a successful transition to college life.  He remembers vividly how hard his own transition was from high school to college, and has a passion for helping students to be as successful as they can in their own ways.

Dr. Adams comes from International Falls, Minnesota, a remote place where it is cold most of the year.  Perhaps his being raised there explains his passion for hockey in general, but his love for the Philadelphia Flyers remains a mystery.  He loves being with his family, even though they do not like the Flyers.  At home, he speaks only Danish to his children (ages 8 and 16), even though he is not of Danish descent.  Luckily, his family understands Danish.  He promises to teach his "Introduction to Inquiry" class in English, and he looks forward to getting to know his new students during their crucial first semester.



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