Dr. Sarah Gendron
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Dr. Gendron is originally from Massachusetts, but she has studied and worked in Wisconsin for almost 30 years, so now she thinks of it as home.  She teaches French and French literature, and specializes in genocide studies, particularly the relationship between art, pop culture, and genocide.  As a former 16-year old high school drop-out, she know what it means to have questions about what direction life might take.  She has come to appreciate that education is not about "the grade", but about asking yourself the right questions.

Dr. Gendron's extra-curricular loves include: traveling (anywhere, anytime), watching movies (but not without popcorn), running (in all weather), being with her adventurous husband, and playing with her sometimes hostile--yet still ridiculously cute--dachshunds, Jiminy Cricket, Maizie Mae, and Max.



Klingler College of Arts and Sciences

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