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Alpha Sigma Nu Application

Membership to Alpha Sigma Nu is limited to Marquette students who possess to an outstanding degree the qualities of scholarship, loyalty and service.  The candidate's loyalty to the institution and its principles must be unquestionable and apparent to all.  Service, in the Alpha Sigma Nu sense, means not merely membership in organizations or even office holding, but actual sacrifice of time and energy in organizations while attending this institution.

Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

Deadline: Friday, November 1, 2013

*Name (First) (MI) (Last):  
*9-digit MU ID Number:  
Local Address:  
Local City:  
Local State:  
Local ZIP Code:  
Local Phone:  
Permanent Address:  
Permanent City:  
Permanent State:  
Permanent ZIP Code:  
Permanent Phone:  
*Preferred E-mail Address:  

Will you be at your current address during the Spring semester
If not (co-oping, interning, studying abroad, graduating), please list an alternate address and phone number where you can be reached.

Alternate Address:  
Alternate City:  
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Academic Information:    
Graduate Student
Number of credit hours this fall:  
Cumulative Grade Point Average:  
Other universities attended:  
Please list any honors/awards you have received:
University Honors/Awards (Include year)  

ALL organizations (i.e., groups to which you belong) in which you have participated as a college student:

Organizations and Offices Held (if any)   Dates of Membership/Office

ALL activities (i.e., one-time events) in which you have participated as a college student:

Activities and Offices Held (if any)   Dates of Membership/Office

Please list your Volunteer experiences during your time at Marquette University:

Volunteer Experiences   Dates of Service

Please list your Work experiences during your time at Marquette University:

Work Experiences   Dates of Service

Describe your most meaningful leadership experience since coming to Marquette.  What about this experience helped you in developing your leadership style? (200 word maximum)


Describe your most meaningful service experience.  What made this experience especially significant and how did it help you grow as a person? (200 word maximum)


Describe your most meaningful academic experience at Marquette (i.e., a course, professor, seminar, etc.).  How did this experience contribute to your intellectual and personal development?  (200 word maximum)


From your experience receiving an education from a Jesuit university founded on the idea of “Cura Personalis,” explain how you demonstrate the Alpha Sigma Nu ideals of scholarship, loyalty, and service in the activities you are involved in and in your everyday life. (200 word max.)


You may use this space to include any information not discussed elsewhere that would be relevant to the decision-making process (50 word maximum).


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