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Your passion for music does not have to end in college.  The Marquette Bands give students a great way to continue to grow as musicians.  As a non-music major University, all members of the Marquette Bands program participate purely for their love of playing.  The dedicated members of the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensembles and Pep Band strive for excellence in their concerts and performances throughout each school year.


The Pep Band also plays at every home men’s and women’s basketball game.  All members in good standing of the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band earn the privilege to play in the Pep Band.  Playing in the Pep Band gives students front row seats for every game, without having to camp out in the cold like the rest of the students.  The Pep Band helps fire up one of the best home court advantages in the nation.  All of the fans sing along when the band plays the school’s song “Ring Out Ahoya.".

New York City


The most committed students can audition to become a part of our core bands, the Blue Band and the Gold Band.  The core bands travel to all of the men’s and women’s post season tournaments: Big East, NCAA, and NIT.  The men’s Big East Tournament is held in New York every year.  While the women’s Tournament is in Hartford, Connecticut.  In recent years the band has played in San Diego, Anaheim and San Jose.  The best part about these trips is that they are free! 

Boarding Airplane


The friendships are what make the band special.  The band provides a great way to make new friends.  You may not know anyone at Marquette on your first day of classes.  But that will surely change after your first band rehearsal.  There are almost 200 people in the bands waiting to be your friend.  Throughout the year we hold various social activities so the members can get to know each other outside of rehearsals.

Common Questions (and Answers) About Band



Q: What bands are available to me?

A: Marquette has four bands: The Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensembles, and Pep Bands.


Q: When does each group meet?



A: Wind Ensemble meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:30-4:50 pm, and Symphonic Band meets from 5:00-6:20 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The Jazz Bands meet on Tuesday nights each week. We have two big bands, and one meets from 5-6:30, the other from 7-8:30.

The Pep Bands do not have any additional rehearsals outside of regular band times. Pep Band rehearsals are held during either a Wind Ensemble or Symphonic Band regular rehearsal as needed.



Q: How many concerts are there a year?



A: The Wind Ensemble performs four concerts per year, the Symphonic Band performs two concerts per year, and the Jazz Ensembles perform two concerts per year. In addition, all of these groups participate in the annual Music Area Holiday Concert in December.



Q: How do I join?



A: Incoming Freshman? Look for band during Orientation week to come and get more information about the details about joining band. Remember no one with a love of music is turned away.


Mid-year at Spring Semester? Sign up for MUSI 1200 in checkmarq and come to the first day of practice. Feel free to contact us for things you need to know before your first practice.


Last Updated: April 15, 2015