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Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Health Science

Rehabilitation science is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses many facets of health care aimed at understanding movement disorders and improving function. The "translational" mission of our program is to equip students with the ability to more efficiently "translate" research from the laboratory to the real world. Marquette's new graduate program in Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Health Science develops clinical and translational leaders in this emerging field, giving them the knowledge and experience to better the lives of those who suffer from human function disabilities.

The doctoral program builds upon a student's clinical degree and expertise with rigorous training in translational research, while the master's program gives students a wide knowledge base in rehabilitation sciences. Both programs place a unique emphasis on various rehabilitation disciplines, including pathokinesiology, neuroscience, motor control, exercise physiology, sports medicine and community wellness.

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We are currently accepting students for the fall of 2011. Research assistantships - including tuition, stipend and insurance - are available to a limited number of doctoral candidates. To learn more about the Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Health Science program at Marquette, please visit the program pages (Ph.D. or M.S.) or send us your name and e-mail using the form to the left.