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Catherine Welsch Smith Research Award

Tayler Sheahan

Jasvinder KaurTayler Sheahan has just completed my junior year at Marquette University and is honored to be granted this research award. As a Physiological Sciences major in the Department of Biological Sciences, Tayler has been involved in undergraduate research since her freshman year. She is grateful for the department’s encouragement and the numerous unique research opportunities it has offered to her. Tayler has had the opportunity to develop a research project of her own during the department’s Summer Research Program and also has had the privilege to present her project at the 2011 Drosophila Research Conference. This summer, Tayler will further her research experience with an internship at the Max Delbrück Research for Molecular Medicine in Berlin through the DAAD RISE Program. After graduating, Tayler plans to pursue a PhD in neurobiology. With the research experience she has gained thus far at Marquette, she is confident that she will be prepared for continuing her studies at the graduate level.


Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Research Award

Elise Pellmann

John BrennerElise Pellmann is a junior Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major. Since her freshman year she has worked in the laboratory of Dr. Martin St. Maurice, where she studies enzyme structure and function via X-ray crystallography. She has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in the lab, and she is looking forward to continuing her current work during her final year at Marquette. After graduation she plans to attend a MD/Ph.D program and pursue a career in clinical medicine and research.




Biological Sciences Academic Achievement Award

Kelsey Lynch

John Brenner

Kelsey Lynch will be graduating from Marquette with a degree from the College of Arts & Sciences in Biological Sciences. She has accepted a position in a biomedical research lab at the University of California San Diego to identify and examine a mutation in fruit flies that causes short sleep syndrome. Kelsey will be working in the lab for a year to gain some experience before applying to graduate school for the following year. Currently, Kelsey is planning on applying to health care administration programs as well as cellular and molecular biology doctoral programs. She realizes these two are on a bit opposite ends of the spectrum, but she thinks it’s exciting to have two different opportunities in front of her. Kelsey says, "I definitely has Marquette to thank for that; my lab courses were interesting and engaging, but I also loved my social justice classes about health care and reform. Thus, both are having an effect on my decision for choosing a graduate school program."



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