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Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus...(e, out of, + merei, to serve, to earn, to merit)

This honored designation is given only to those retiring faculty who have distinguished themselves in all aspects of the university including, teaching, research, and service. They have, in effect, gone above and beyond what is normally expected of them.  Awarding of this title confers on the recipient all privileges enjoyed by full-time faculty.  Many emeritus professors maintain offices in their departments. Some still teach and carry out research, some contribute to various departmental and university committees, and some are still advising students.


Recent department faculty so honored include:

Dr. Peter Abramoff (1993)

The late Dr. James Barrett (1986)

Dr. James Courtright (2014)

Dr. Walter Fredricks (2000)

Dr. Kathy Karrer (2014)

Dr. Krishna Kumaren (1997)

Dr. Stephen Munroe (2013)

Dr. Bela Piacsek (2002)

Dr. Robert G. Thomson (1992)

Dr. Brian Unsworth (2004)

Dr. Gail Waring (2013)


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