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Dr. Larry Dick

Dr. Larry Dick has applied his 1980 Marquette B.S. degree in biology towards to a career in drug discovery. Currently, he is directing research in the Oncology Drug Discovery Unit of Takeda Pharmaceuticals International Company and the team that he leads focuses on initiating and advancing early stage drug discovery projects. Read more.

Dr. Kerry McDonaldDr. Kerry McDonald earned his Ph.D. in 1992 in Dr. Robert Fitts' lab. He is now a professor at the University of Missouri in the Department of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology, and focuses his research on cardiac muscle cells. Read more.


ENTREPRENEURIAL AWARD: Gregory Archambault, Biology ‘81

Greg Archambault talks to undergraduate students in BIOL1003: Biology Matters during his visit last spring.


Congratulations to Gregory Archambault on being awarded the 2014 Klingler College of Arts and Sciences Entrepreneurial Award.


Greg Archambault has made a career out of creatively turning one thing into another. He was the first in his family to attend college — and turned that into a stepping stone to a successful career in the paper company. His company, Fox River Fiber, recycles office wastepaper into pulp that eventually becomes new printing and writing paper, tissues, and paper towels. He recently invested in an anaerobic digester that transforms the company’s liquid waste into methane that can be used to power its production.


After Greg earned his bachelor’s degree in biology, he transitioned into sales in the paper industry before taking over as president and CEO of Fox River Fiber, one of the nation’s only sources of FDA-grade recycled pulp. Greg loves being at the helm of a green company and is always searching for new innovations, such as the anaerobic digester, which will reduce his company’s carbon footprint and treatment costs at the same time.


And he’s grateful for the foundation he received at Marquette. “It provided me with confidence,” he says. “I always felt I would be successful. I only wished I had learned earlier to use the alumni talent that is out there to get advice early in my career. There are so many leaders who are willing to share and provide advice that can really improve one’s ability and provide faster success.”


Last spring, Greg visited our BIOL 1003 Biology Matters course to speak to undergraduates about their career opportunities.




Natalie Downs (Physiological Sciences ’14), Jonathan Hanna (Biological Sciences ’14), Mary Kastengren (Biological Sciences ’14), Aaron Mason (Biological Sciences ’14), and Alicia Santaga (Biological Sciences ’14) are students at Marquette University’s Dental School.


Michael Holmberg (Biological Sciences ’14) is serving in the Peace Corps for a year.


Dr. Andrew Karls (Ph.D. ’14) is a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Robert Peoples’ lab at Marquette University.


Carolyn Keller (Physiological Sciences ’14) is attending MU’s physical therapy program.


Dr. Tiezheng Li (Ph.D. ’14) is a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Lai-Xi Wang’s lab at University Maryland School of Medicine, The Institute of Human Virology. The lab will soon move to U of M College Park as a core lab in the new chemical biology center. Tiezheng is very motivated to extend his training in the field of protein biochemistry and glycobiology.


Dr. Yi Lin (Ph.D. ’14) is a postdoctoral researcher at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.


Victoria Nasci (Biological Sciences ’14) is working as a research technologist before applying to graduate school.


Dr. Cassie Nelson (Ph.D. ’14) is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Marian University in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.


Daniel Otterson (Biological Sciences ’14) is attending medical school at Georgetown University.


Samuel Schultz (Biological Sciences ’14) is pursuing his masters in urban planning at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.


Matthew Yerkes (Biological Sciences ’14) is working as a financial representative at Dettlaff & Co. Guardian Advisors.





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