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By: Derek Yeh, 2nd year graduate student, Manogaran Lab

Derek Yeh

I have a friend, Sarah, who is a teacher at West Cypress Hill Elementary in Austin, TX and she asked me to Skype with the school’s 4th graders (about 70-80 of them) and talk to them about being a scientist. They were learning about the scientific method and different careers in science. 


The Skype call was so much fun. I had the chance to tell them about my research at Marquette and show them around the lab, but the best part was answering their questions. I got questions like, “why did you want to be a scientist?” “what was your favorite subject in 4th grade?”, “who inspired me?”, and one student even asked what the difference between yeast and real cells were! 


At the end of the Skype call, a teacher asked the students who is thinking about being a scientist when they grow up and a bunch of hands went up!


Overall a great experience to get kids excited about doing science and loving science. 




By: Britt Wyatt, 3rd year graduate student, St. Maurice Lab


Britt Wyatt Poster PresentationThe conference that the St. Maurice lab recently attended was the Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference at ITT, Chicago on September 12, 2015. For me personally, I was excited to see equal representation of women researchers at the conference for both presentations and posters. It is especially important in this field that women researchers have equal opportunity to speak at conferences like the one we attended. Women researchers are less likely to be invited to speak at conferences, but it was apparent at this conference that an effort was made to include a wide range of research topics and a diverse group of speakers. Additionally, there were a couple of undergraduate institutions that attended with a decent representation of undergraduate researchers, which for me was exciting to see. I had a couple of undergraduates come to my poster and the best moment of the conference was for me to work through my poster with them and practice my teaching skills. As a bonus, I was able to talk to a couple of professors who work at undergraduate institutions and had some great conversations about teaching and gender equality in science. 


Josh Hakala (3rd year graduate student, St. Maurice Lab) also attended the Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference. He presented a poster titled, "Investigating BCCP Domain Positioning during Catalytic Turnover in Pyruvate Carboxylase”. Josh presented this poster at the Principles of EPR Training Workshop at the Medical College of Wisconsin as well.





Derek Yeh and Doug Lyke both presented posters on their work in the Manogaran Lab at the Midwest Yeast Meeting at Northwestern University in September. Derek presented, “Investigating the effects of heat shock on de novo [PSI+] induction”, and Doug presented, “Investigation of the Role of Sac6 in Prion Formation


Vera Strogolova (4th year graduate student, Stuart Lab) was chosen from her submitted abstract to give a talk about how “Respiratory complex factors (RCG) regulate mitochondrial ADP/ATP exchange”. 




Jobling Travel Awards

Yao Shi was awarded the Jobling Travel Award to attend the American Society of Plant Biologists Meeting in July:


This trip was a memorable experience. I was very excited about ASPB 2015 at Minneapolis because it was my first time attending such a big academic conference full of excellent plant scientists coming from all over the world. Minneapolis is a beautiful city and the meeting overall was quite informative to me. During the days, I tried my best to keep track of every piece of important information I learnt from the presentations, but was a little stressed trying to take all of those notes!


Some ideas really inspired me of what I can do to make my research better. In addition, while we were having a dinner together, a very kind professor from Howard University patiently taught me how to do an experiment using rice, which could greatly speed up my research project. More importantly, I was provided an opportunity to, as a Marquette University graduate student, present my work on “Genetic Mapping and Analysis of Cold-tolerance Genes in Rice” as a poster to many scientists and received many helpful and constructive comments.




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