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Disciplinary Honors Program in Biological Sciences and Physiological Sciences Majors

Honors Program Director: Dr. Krassimira Hristova


The Disciplinary Honors Program in Biological Sciences and Physiological Sciences is designed for students to demonstrate exceptional work in the area of research, while maintaining high academic standards. Students involved in this program must go beyond normal expectations in undergraduate research or internship by generating an honors plan that integrates coursework, research, internship, and oral presentations into a coherent plan of work. Graduation with Disciplinary Honors in Biological Sciences and Physiological Sciences requires completion of the portfolio and the students are required to prepare a written report describing how they completed their Honors Plan.


Curricular Requirements


Suggested pre-requisites:


  • Introductory Biology 1001H and 1002H or the associated 1001 and 1002 lecture sections for students who are not in the Core Honors Program
  • BIOL 1101 Foundations in Biology Inquiry
  • BIOL 2953H and 2954H, Entering Research (note that these courses can be taken by juniors who are just beginning a research project)

Students must complete two of the following four research experiences, at least one of which would have to be one of the first three listed below:


  • Independent Research Study, BIOL 4956H, CHEM 4956H, or research in another A&S Department with prior approval from the Honors director.
  • Biological Sciences Summer Research Program.  Students could participate in a summer research program at another institution with prior approval from the Honors director.
  • Biology Internship, BIOL 3986H or 3987H. Credit would be received when students enroll in BIOL 4987H
  • BIOL 4102H, Experimental Molecular Biology, BIOL 4403H, Tropical Ecology, or BIOL 3802H, Experimental Microbiology

Students must deliver a public presentation (talk/poster) describing the results/outcomes of their research or internship.  The Honors Director will define the opportunities for public presentations that fulfill this requirement.


Students must complete at least one of the following seminar or graduate courses:


  • BIOL 4953H, Independent study seminar (required for students enrolled in 4956H)
  • BIOL 4931H, Topics in Biology
  • BISC 4851H, Honors Advanced Systems Neuroscience
  • BISC 4151H, Honors Advanced Pathology
  • BISC 4214H, Honors Advanced Biochemistry
  • BISC 4341H, Honors Advanced Cellular Genetics and Cancer
  • BISC 4146H, Honors Physiology in Depth: Contemporary Issues
  • BIOL 6011, Advanced Concepts in Genetics and Cell Biology
  • BIOL 6012, Advanced Concepts in Cell Biology and Biochemistry

Academic Standards

  • Students must have a final cumulative GPA of at least 3.20 to graduate with Disciplinary Honors in Biological Sciences or Physiological Sciences


The program is structured to be completed over the last two years of a student’s academic career. Sophomores are eligible to apply to the program near the end of the spring term as long as they meet the 3.20 minimum cumulative GPA requirement.



Students are encouraged to apply in the spring semester of their sophomore year, but applications will also be accepted from juniors in the fall semester of their junior year.  The application for the Honors Program should contain the following:

  • Documentation of a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or higher
  • List of any of the suggested pre-requisite courses taken
  • Indicate which biology faculty member the student would like to work with, if the student plans to conduct Independent Research as one of the requirements, and describe his/her area of research.  Note: you must get permission from the faculty member before submitting your application.
  • Submit a written essay why the student would like to enroll in the Honors Program and how the planned research and/or internship experience fits into their broader plans and interests.

Application Deadline:

The application should be emailed to the Honors Director by April 21st, 5:00 pm CDT



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