2014 SRP Students

Student Research Day
Friday, July 31

The event is a culmination of the remarkable and transformative work that 35 undergraduate students from Marquette University have conducted over a 10-week period this summer in the research laboratories of 21 faculty mentors from five departments and programs in the College of Health Sciences. Students will be presenting, in poster format, their research projects which cover a range of topics from the advancement of new approaches aimed at treating debilitating diseases that plague modern society such as addiction, obesity, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia to clinical research focused on improving and developing new approaches for neuro-rehabilitation in victims of stroke, spinal cord injury, and speech disorders, to science that advances our basic understanding of clotting, neurodegeneration, and wound healing.

Since its establishment in 2003, more than 200 students have participated in this program. Almost all of them have entered into productive careers as biomedical researchers and clinicians – many of them as leaders in their respective fields and programs. In contrast to most undergraduate research programs, our program is unique in that it consists exclusively of Marquette students, thus directly contributing to the culture of excellence in undergraduate education here at Marquette. In order to accomplish this, the program is sustained entirely through college, departmental, and faculty resources in the College of Health Sciences.

The July 31st event is open to everyone in the Marquette community and is an opportunity for our students to celebrate and be recognized for the remarkable work that they have conducted. The event consists of two informal poster sessions separated by a 30-minute keynote presentation about the program and its importance to undergraduate education and research excellence at Marquette.

The TENTATIVE schedule is as follows: We hope that you able to attend this event and learn firsthand about the transformational experiences of our students and the impactful research going on in our College!

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