Neuroscience Graduate Program

The neuroscience specialization in the Graduate Program in Biological Sciences at Marquette University brings together researchers from the Departments of Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Marquette to offer quality graduate education in the field of neuroscience with the goal of training students for careers as neuroscience researchers and educators. The specialization is for students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. degree.

More information about the Neuroscience Graduate Program, including application information, can be found on the Department of Biological Sciences webpage.

The Neuroscience Research Environment

The Neuroscience Graduate Program offers the opportunity to conduct research in a collaborative, intellectually rigorous environment, with access to the most modern research tools. The faculty of the neuroscience specialization, comprised of 13 neuroscience researchers from the Departments of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, conduct cutting-edge research in the fields of drug and alcohol addiction, stress, schizophrenia, locomotor control, feeding, neurodegeneration, and ion channel function, among others. The collaborative and multi-disciplinary neuroscience research environment at Marquette is supported by the Integrative Neuroscience Research Center (INRC), a consortium of researchers committed to advancing neuroscience research and education at Marquette.

Marquette University

Marquette University is a private Jesuit institution located in Milwaukee, Wis., a city with a metropolitan population of approximately one million people. Marquette’s urban campus provides students with easy access to a vibrant downtown and lakefront area. The city incorporates many of the attributes of smaller communities, such as ease of transportation and affordable housing, with the diversity of culture of a large urban area.