Business Continuity Tips

Continuity At Work

While some segments of a business continuity plans may be confidential, most of its content are created for shared awareness and preparedness. Employees that have reviewed the plan will be better prepared to fulfill their role during the recovery process. In addition to the formal plan, personal continuity practices will protect the work and recovery of the business unit.

    • Read your departments continuity plan
    • Be aware of evacuation, sheltering and lock down procedures
    • Ensure that your computer is connected to a backup resource (e.g. the Marquette network)
    • Backup vital hard copy documents (scan and file digitally)
    • Keep a backup list of passwords, vendor lists, and other important data
    • Backup important e-mails
    • Maintain an index of vital records (file location, content)

Continuity for Students

A key focus of the Marquette University Business Continuity Plan is restore normalcy and instruction for the students of Marquette. Some key components of this plan include; computer network redundancy -restoring connections to your instructors and CheckMarq; web page redundancy - an off site emergency web page to keep students and family informed; housing plans - for relocation during building disruptions; classroom space - relocation, temporary structure, or temporary online instruction.

Continuity Activities for Students

  • Be familiar with housing evacuation routes and procedures
  • Register your phone number in CheckMarq
  • Program important university numbers in your cell phone
      • Student Health services (414) 288-7184
      • Public Safety: emergency (414) 288-1911, non-emergency (414) 288-6800
  • Program an ICE number into your cell phone (In Case of Emergency call)
  • Backup your computer with an external hard drive or thumb drive
  • Following a campus disruption, call family members to let them know you are okay
  • Stay tuned to Marquette's web page for updates and announcements
  • Check e-mail frequently for course changes and campus news