Planning Your Courses for 1st Semester Freshmen Year

Your First Semester Schedule

All freshmen in the College of Business are required to enroll in LEAD 1050, a zero-credit orientation course. The typical fall semester schedule for a freshmen will consist of a math, english, science (or history), and theology requirement along with a non-business elective such as foreign language. Students with AP credit or transfer credit will be advised accordingly.

This is the typical Freshman fall schedule:

  • LEAD 1050 - Business Leadership Development (0 credits)
    • All first semester freshman are required to register for this course.
  • BUAD 1060 - Business Analytical Tools (1 credit)
    • May be taken either semester of freshman year
  • ACCO 1030 - Financial Accounting (3 credits)
  • ENGL 1001 - Rhetoric and Composition 1 (3 credits)
    • All students enroll in ENGL 1 unless you have completed an Advanced Placement program for English, have taken a college program for English or have taken a college level English course. If you have taken a college level English course for credit, contact Assistant Dean Terrian at for course transferability.
  • MATH - After completing the online math placement exam (Aleks), you will be directed to register for one of the following math classes:
    • MATH 1390 - Finite Math (3 credits)
    • MATH 1400 - Elements of Calculus (3 credits)
    • MATH 1450 - Calculus (4 credits)
  • Select two courses:
    • BUAD 1001 - Business Day 1 (3 credits)
    • (USSC) Histories of Cultures and Societies (3 credits)
    • (USSC) Science and Nature (3 or 4 credits)
    • THEO 1001 - Introduction to Theology (3 credits) - Part of the (USSC)
      • What is the University Core of Common Studies?
        • Marquette University has a strong interest in the overall development of their students. In order to make sure that every student experiences a diverse learning curriculum Marquette requires that each student take several classes within a wide range of subjects.
        • Find out what classes count for your university core requirements.
        • The College of Business Administration does not double count UCCS courses for two requirements.
  • Non-Business Elective (3 or 4 credits)

The Four Year Plan

The College of Business Administration has a strong interest in the success of their students. Part of that success includes graduating within four years for our full time students. In order to meet that goal we provide for our students a four year plan to help guide them through the semesters. This plan is not mandatory for all students, however it should be used as a guide.

View the typical four year plan for all of the majors except Accounting...

View the typical four year plan for Accounting majors...

AP Credit and Transfer Credit

The College of Business Administration accepts many students who have AP credit and or transfer credit. Please make sure that the appropriate documentation regarding your credit has been sent to Marquette. For information regarding sending scores and transcripts please contact the Admissions office at (414) 288-7302.

If you have AP credit, see our course recommendations.