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The Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies provides a bridge space supporting scholarly work and the lived experience of gender and sexualities.

The CGSS is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, dialogue, growth, and empowerment around issues of gender and sexualities. We place emphasis on the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender and sexualities and educate others on the implications of such intersections.

The CGSS collaborates with other academic departments, faculty and staff to do course visits, educational events, and general consultations/services and support.

It is our goal to educate students to recognize the huge diversity of gendered experiences and perspectives among people and to cultivate a disposition to embrace gender and sexuality diversity and to work for justice and equality as we strive to fulfill the Jesuit mission.

WGST Program

The Women's and Gender Studies Program at Marquette University is an interdisciplinary program that explores the ways in which gender, race, class, sexuality, and other social identities and locals impact not only society, but the lived experiences of individuals and their social relationships in a national and transnational context.

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Dr. Angelique (Angie) Harris
Director and Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Sciences
Lalumiere Hall, Room 254B
(414) 288-7438


Christina (Chrissy) Nelson

Program Assistant

Lalumiere Hall, Room 254

(414) 288-4973