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Co-sponsored by History and English Departments

The granddaughter of suffragette Hanna Skeffington, Dr. Micheline Sheehy Skeffington will lead a presentation on her journey of initiating and later winning a case against her former employer, NUI Galway, on the grounds that it discriminated against her promotion due to her gender. This legal case is illustrative of the underrepresentation of women in senior academic roles in third-level institutions in Ireland, with the number of women recorded holding senior posts in NUI Galway being at just 21 percent. This disproportionate set of figures is also seen in the US, where women receive slightly more than 50 percent of the Ph.D.'s awarded by American universities, yet, as seen in a 2013 report by The Chronicle for Higher Education, women account for 30.4 percent of faculty members overall. Dr. Skeffington will discuss her journey for equality within an educational institution and will additionally explore the history of gender inequality over time and where it is commonly portrayed within.

Co-sponsored by Arab American Studies Association, Muslim Student Association, Students for Justice in Palestine

Mariah Idrissi will present "Changing the Face of Fashion: Tokenism and Authenticity." Idrissi connects two worlds--the world of fashion and Muslim women--as one of the first Muslim models in an H&M promo. In the presentation, Idrissi explores the changing and evolving role of inclusion in fashion, and the importance of representing in all fields, and especially fashion. She also explores the ways representation in fashion and elsewhere can lead to breaking down barriers of misconceptions and Islamophobia.

Co-sponsored by Office of Intercultural Engagement

The Department of Justice reports that four out of every five Indigenous and Native American women have experienced and will experience sexual, physical, mental, or emotional violence in their lifetime. More often than not, this violence occurs at the hands of a partner. Bryan Rindfleisch, Ph.D. is a professor in the History Department and has authored a number of articles regarding Native American history. He specializes in Native resistence to colonization as well as the role of violence in indigenous communities. He will be discussing the historical features of Native American society and its oppression by colonialist forces that account for such high rates of violence against women.

In Milwaukee county, the male population experiences heightened health risks relative to the rest of the population. These disproportionately high health issues include alcohol and drug use, which affects 58 percent of the total population; violence, which affects 55 percent of the population; and chronic diseases such as obesity and heart disease, as according to the Center for Urban Population Health's 2012-2013 Milwaukee County Community Health Needs Assessment. The panel will include experts from the fields of public health, medicine, and social justice who will discuss the health disparities across not only gender but race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and ability.

Co-sponsored by LGBTQ+ Resource Center

In the United States, approximately 1 in every 250 adults identifies as transgender. Despite this, individuals and families within the trans community are stigmatized for their identity. In partnership with For Good Photography, Inc. and Cream City Foundation, photographers Jeff Pearcy and Meredith Watts developed the "Our Trans Family" Project. The project captures the essence and identity of twenty to thirty families and individuals within the Trans community through interviews and photographs. Pearcy and Watts aimed to create a better understanding of the trans identity and elevate the voices of those who identify as trans in order to fight the stigma surrounding the trans identity and community.


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