Wilkie lab


Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

The laboratory is reasonably well-equipped for these studies. We have three TGAs, a TA-SDT 2960, a Cahn instrument and a Netzsch TG 209 which is interfaced to a Bruker FTIR spectrometer and a Netzsch mass spectrometer, allowing TGA-IR-MS studies of polymer degradation.  There is also a Netzsch DSC, a Brabender mixer and a CS 133 for injection molding.  For morphological studies of nanocomposites we have a Raigaku Miniflex desktop diffractometer and a Veeco Innova AFM.  For fire studies, we have an Atlas cone calorimeter, a device to measure oxygen index and the ability to perform fire tests according to the UL-94 protocol.    We also have access to an Instron in the college of Engineering for mechanical testing.



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