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Kazuo Nakamoto was born in Kobe, Japan and later earned his B.S. and D. Sc. degrees from Osaka University, remaining a faculty member there and also spending two years at Iowa State University as a Fulbright Scholar. In 1958 he joined the faculty at Clark University, moving to Illinois Institute of Technology in 1961. Based on an outstanding record of research accomplishments, in 1969 he became the first Wehr Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Marquette University.

Professor Nakamoto directed the research of almost 100 graduate students and postdoctoral associates and published more than 200 papers in highly prestigious scientific journals. In addition to his life’s work training young researchers and publishing exciting new research results, Professor Nakamoto authored several influential texts in the field of spectroscopy. Indeed, he had recently coauthored a new book entitled Drug-DNA interactions: structures and spectra, published in 2008, and he extensively revised his very famous 2 Volume work on Infrared and Raman Spectra of Inorganic and Coordination Compounds, the sixth edition of which was issued in 2009; the fifth edition of this work had won the 2000 Alpha Sigma Nu National Jesuit Book Award for the best book in the sciences written by a faculty member at a Jesuit University. Remarkably, his passion for science and dedication to accomplishment were clearly manifested, even up to the final weeks of his life, as he was continually pondering new points to include in planned future editions of his books.

Kazuo Nakamoto passed away Tuesday, June 7, 2011.


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